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5 Reasons you shouldn’t hire a cleaner from Craigslist

5 Reasons you shouldn’t hire a cleaner from Craigslist

Next time you think about hiring a discount house cleaning service from Craigslist, you may want to think twice.  Don’t get me wrong.  Craigslist is awesome for buying and selling pretty much anything online.  But when it comes to your home – the place you sleep, relax, and live – you don’t want to just let any stranger through your front door.  If you do decide that you need some assistance and are looking for a cleaning service or maid, we highly encourage you to book with an established, licensed and bonded cleaning service.


If you begin your search on the local Craigslist under the household services section, you’ll be sure to find something like the following (These are actual posts for cleaners taken from Anchorage’s craigslist):

“We offer really good prices and all the cleaning supply ,you only has to open the door ,and we clean for you .
Sasy’s Cleaning Service is fast, friendly, and affordable
Don’t just get it clean get good service”
- Sasy’s Cleaners


“if you are in need of any kind of cleaning inside or out
PLEASE CALL DEBBIE@XXX-XXXX also any kind of painting or home maintence

Many people are drawn in by the lure of lower prices, but there are some serious negatives that you need to consider before you end up hiring a cleaner from your local craigslist…

Are they even a business?


Very few of the Craigslist cleaners that I contacted while researching this article were able to furnish proof of an actual business license for Anchorage.  This is worrisome for a couple reasons.  Most importantly, it means they’re operating illegally!  This means that they company is simply pocketing the money it makes, or in other words, is committing tax evasion.  Aside from the staggering legal implications of this, it also means the business isn’t giving valuable resources back to your local community, resources that would go to road maintenance, schools, and parks.   It also means their employees are not covered by unemployment insurance and are also not paying into social security – which is generally and unhealthy position for an employee to be in.

Is it quality service?


Sure, a unlicensed and uninsured house keeper charges less per hour, but are you really saving money?  Professional cleaners will have access to more powerful cleaning equipment and more efficient methods.  Moreover, they will have more experience with a greater range of types of clean ups.  This means that they may actually spend less time for the same job – which in the long run can end up saving you money, and you’ll have more time to enjoy your clean home!

Are they licensed and bonded?


As we discussed in this article, licensing and special bonding is an essential part of owning a business.  Long story short, if a cleaner isn’t insured, falls, and hurts themselves on your property, you are reliable via your homeowners insurance.  If they’re insured, the claim instead falls on the business, and you’re spared.  That’s huge.  Bonding also covers against theft and damage to your property caused by negligent or ill-intent.

Are they reliable?


How confident are you that your cleaner will show up on time, every time? Since a unlicensed, uninsured cleaner has no contract or guarantee of service like you’d get from a established, professional business, you may not be getting what you’re paying for.  For example, our business, Simple Clean Home, will send a replacement cleaner if your regular cleaner is sick.  When your housekeeper is simply a one-person operation, there might not be that guarantee of service.

Are you and your home safe?


Generally speaking, a reputable and reliable business will conduct interviews and background investigations before sending in a unfamiliar person into your home.  With someone from Craigslist, you may not have that degree of safety.  In fact, if they are a , there’s no telling what their background could entail.

Simple Clean Home is proud to offer Anchorage with a premium cleaning service focusing on unparalleled customer service, green cleaning techniques, and a 100% guarantee on all of our service.