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Will Moth Balls Get Rid Of Roaches: Find Out How To Keep Them Out

Having problems with roaches is one of the worst household problems that you can have. They’re not only an inconvenience, but they’re also a problem for your health. Getting rid of them should be a priority and not something that you sleep on. That’s why it’s important to know if will mothballs get rid of roaches, and what’s their efficiency. For instance, you should know that depending on your situation, cleaning the house might not be enough. You need an efficient poison.

So, will mothballs get rid of roaches? Yes, mothball will get rid of roaches because they hate the smell of it just like moths do. This is a great strategy to keep them away from a strategic place in the house. Still, you need pesticides to kill them and make sure that you put neither mothballs nor pesticides near food or the areas that you prepare it.

Now, your best chances here of getting rid of this problem is to know where to put the mothballs and don’t forget about the pesticide. You don’t need a lecture on how dangerous for your health and gross roaches are, but it’s never too much to remind you that they carry all sorts of microorganisms that can cause diseases in humans.

So, keep reading below to find out how exactly to get rid of roaches using nothing but mothballs and pesticides. Just remember to stay clear from certain areas in the house where you have food or the preparation of it.

Roaches Hate The Smell Of Moth Balls

The main reason to try out the mothball method is that roaches hate the smell. It’s not just moths themselves that hate the smell of it. It has the same effect on other insects as well, roaches included. That’s why it can be such an effective method to use, especially when you want to do the maintenance instead of when you have an infestation.

Now, what you have to do is to place the mothballs in strategic places. Also, you need to remember about the pesticides. They’re what actually kill the roaches. Unless you don’t need to make sure that they’re dead, consider upping your pesticide game if the roach problem is a big one. It’ll improve your house’s protection against all sorts of plagues.

So, make sure that you find the best pesticide for roach problems. It has to be non-toxic but still efficient. The Bayer – 4031982 -Insecticide is an excellent choice. It’s non-toxic, kill all your insect problems, and you can rest assured only the plagues are being affected. Click to view pricing on Amazon here.

Drop A Couple Moth Balls Behind The Stove

The first strategy that you’re going to adopt with mothballs is to drop a couple of them behind your stove. Roaches usually hide behind the stove. It’s the perfect spot to get food residue, and the greasy and dirty place also attracts them. That’s why you’ll place the mothballs there. Just remember that they’re also toxic to humans, so you don’t need more than a couple of mothballs behind the stove.

Now, once you do that, they’ll either not go there anymore or come out of hiding if there were any roaches there. You must be prepared for that with pesticides. For now, you should focus on the mothballs. Since they’ll evaporate with time, you need to have a pack, so you can drop a couple from time to time. The important thing is that you always keep some behind the stove. This will ensure that your stove is roach free all the time.

So, make sure that you get a pack of mothballs, and that you take the maintenance seriously. You don’t want to risk having roaches living behind your stove. It’s a sensitive area of your kitchen. After all, you cook your food there. The Enoz Moth Ball Packets is the ideal mothball package for you. It lasts just enough to fix your roach problem. Get yours on Amazon here.

Put Some In The Cabinet Under The Sink

Another strategic place that you should drop some mothballs is the cabinet under the sink. Roaches love to hide there as well and to put eggs there too. That’s why you can’t ignore this area of your house. You must put mothballs in there and make sure that you have your pesticide at the ready.

The reason you want to care about pesticides as much as you do the mothballs is that they’ll be what actually kills the roaches in the end. The best pesticides are non-toxic to humans. You need to be careful about this. Make sure that it’s safe to use it at home in enclosed spaces. The important thing is that you use to ensure that you get rid of them.

So, as you can see, your strategy will have to go through finding the right pesticide for your house. The Talstar Pros Pest Control is a great choice. It not only protects your house with non-toxic chemicals, but it actually kills the roaches once and for all. Take a look at this great item on Amazon here.

If The Situation Is Critical Put Moth Balls In Entrance Points

This tip is for the desperate ones. If the situation is critical and you don’t seem to be winning this war, put mothballs in the entrance points. Maybe the roaches aren’t just hiding but also coming from the outside. This means that you must secure the entrance points in your house. We’re talking about door, windows, and sinkhole. Any place that you can imagine that the roaches might be coming from.

Now, not only mothballs, you should worry about placing pesticides there as well. Remember that you should spare nothing to get rid of roaches. They bring disease to your home. An infestation can quickly get out of control. That’s why you must act at the first sign of any problem.

So, make sure that you secure the entrance points not only with mothballs but also with pesticides. It has to be powerful enough to end the problem for good. The Trifecta Crop Control Pesticide is a good choice. It’ll give an extra edge in this battle against plagues. Make sure to put it in the entrance points when appropriate. Grab yours on Amazon here.

Do Not Place Them Anywhere Near Food Or Where You Prep It

Let’s explore the fact that mothball is toxic to humans. This means that you should not place them anywhere near food or where you prep it. This doesn’t mean that you can put them in the kitchen. Just avoid the pantry and the sink. Places, where you put food without any protection, should be out of limits.

The substance in the mothballs is toxic, but you want only the roaches to be affected by it. That’s why places with food should be avoided. What you can do instead is make sure that everything is properly sealed and that you clean the pantry regularly.

So, do not place mothballs anywhere near food. This will ensure your safety. After all, you want to keep the roaches away not yourself. Just make sure that the food is sealed and the pantry is clean to keep them out of there.

Pesticides Are Still The Best Way To Get Rid Of Roaches

This point has been made several times in this article, but there’s still more information on it. Pesticides are still the best way to get rid of roaches. They’ll make sure that they’re dead and the eggs as well.

This is the most efficient way to kill them and make sure they don’t keep coming back. Although the mothball method is great to keep them away, if you have an infestation even a small one, you’ll need pesticides.

So, make sure that you get the best pesticide for your home. As long as it kills the roaches and isn’t toxic, you’re good to go. Also, take into consideration the pets and the plants that you have at home. There are pet-friendly pesticides that are safe to use under those conditions.

Make Sure To Keep The House Clean

The final tip it’s an obvious one, but sometimes they need to be given anyway. If you want to get rid of roaches, make sure to keep the house clean. They can still show up, but if you make sure that there isn’t any food residue and dirt in your house, you’re miles ahead in the game.

Although this isn’t a surefire way to get rid of them, it’ll increase your chances of never seeing them again. Just make sure that keep a house cleaning routine. The kitchen and the bathrooms are crucial here.

As long as you do this, you’ll be pretty close to getting rid of roaches. Then, drop the mothballs and make sure to use pesticides.

Final Thoughts

So, mothballs will get rid of roaches, but pesticides are still the best strategy. Roaches hate the smell of mothballs, but you must be careful since they’re toxic for humans too.

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