Are Dust Mites Harmful To Humans: Kill The Invisible Threat

The first question that somebody thinks about after they learn a bit about dust mites, is whether are dust mites harmful to humans because it’s unsettling to think that there are so many of them around. Think about it, or maybe don’t. The point is that there can be thousands of dust mites in a square foot. The best you can do is to learn if they’re a threat or not.

So, are dust mites harmful to humans? Dust mites can be harmful to humans causing more than 1 type of dermatological allergies, but most of the time they aren’t. The problem is that they produce a certain protein that makes people allergic to their feces. This causes an allergy to your skin. That’s why the best you can do is to take measures to not let them grow their population in your bedroom.

Now, you’re probably desperately trying to figure how to get rid of them for good. The first thing you need to know is that you don’t need to worry that much. They feed off dead skin cells, which makes them not a parasite. Now, if you desperately want a way to kill them, keep reading.

All you need to do is read everything. If you don’t, you’ll never be sure if they can really be 100% killed. The best way is to follow all the tips, and that means reading everything and follow instructions. If you do, you’ll know how to eliminate them as much as it’s possible.

Dust Mites Can Cause More Than 1 Type of Allergies

The main thing to understand about dust mites is that they feed off dead skin cells and their feces are usually what causes allergies on your skin. Not everybody is allergic, but there are too many of them, anyone will experience discomfort such as skin irritation and the need to sneeze. That’s why you need to take the right measures to get rid of them.

Now, you need to make the rooms in your house inhospitable to dust mites. You do this by controlling the temperature and the humidity of the room. You also do this by removing the thing they feed off from, dead skin cells. What you’re going to do is to make sure sunlight hits the room every day, and you clean everything.

Change the bedding regularly, cleaning everything to remove any sign of dust. Do this and use dust mites sprays to finish them off for good. The spray has chemicals that kill them faster and better that’s why the secret tip is to use this type of spray. The Premo Guard Mite Killer Spray is an excellent option since it not only gets the job done but leaves a good scent. Check it out on Amazon here.

Watch Out For the Symptoms

The two main symptoms are skin irritation and sneezing. Those are the signs that you should always look for when you’re worried that there are just too many dust mites in your bedroom. Also, remember that dust mites allergies are a lot like the symptoms of hay fever, which can make it hard to differentiate what’s going on.

Now, if you also have skin irritation or itching, then it’s likely that’s dust mites. If your room is dusty and humid, there’s a good chance that your problem is dust mites. That’s why you should know how to get rid of them before this becomes a problem so big you can’t easily control again.

So, make sure to watch out for the symptoms of dust mites allergies. Then, it’s time that you learn how to get rid of them for good. As you’ll see below, it’s a combination of things that you must continuously do. The good news is that it’s not that hard and are things that you already should do to keep your house cleaner and healthier for you to leave in it.

Clean Your Bed

Since most of your dead skin cells are found in your bed, that’s a great place for these creatures. The best way to deal with this situation is to take care of your bed to make sure that it’s not a hospitable place for dust mites. This means not only changing your bedding regularly but also taking your mattress out and let it rest under the sun for a few hours. The reason is simple. Dust mites love cold temperatures and hate hot ones. They pretty much die in those circumstances.

Now, what you’re going to do is not only to change the bedding and take the mattress out every once in a while, to sunbathe. You’re also going to use a dust mite spray that kills them and doesn’t cause any harm to your mattress fabric or foam. The best thing is that it’s easy to apply, and you can rest assured that it won’t damage your bed in any way.

So, make sure that you put the mattress out but that you also use the dust mite spray to be certain that everything is clean and ready for you to lie down and fall asleep. The LivePure LP-AM-12 12 is the best dust mite laundry additive. It gets the job done without damage the mattress’ fibers that are crucial to its durability. Make sure to pick up yours on Amazon here.

Make Sure To Clean And Maintain The Whole House This Way

One of the reasons why it’s so hard to keep your house dust mites free is that they multiply quickly and that new dust is always being formed. This makes it difficult to maintain all the work you’ve done the week before. In some circumstances, you have to clean things every day. The point is that it’s hard but you have to make sure to clean and maintain the whole house this way.

This is important because it’s the part that the majority of people fail. They clean once maybe twice and think the problem will go away. The only way to get rid of dust mites is to maintain the house clean and control the humidity. Make sure that you let the sunlight come in as much as possible during the day.

So, create a cleaning system and routine. Always make sure to clean especially your bedroom. The Ecology Work DustMite & Flea Control is excellent to minimize dust mites in your house. It’s efficient and easy to use. Take a look at it on Amazon here.

They are Not the Same as Bed Bugs

People mistake dust mites for bed bugs all the time. Let’s clarify that they’re not the same and that the solution will vary from one to the other. Both will cause skin rashes and dermatological problems. Still, the solution is different. Since you can see the bed bugs, all it takes to figure out it’s a thorough investigation in your bed.

Since both can be harmful to your health, the best that you can do is to make sure that your mattress is free of both of them. Also, remember that dust mites cause respiratory symptoms as well. This means that if you’re sneezing, experiencing a running nose, or anything like that you’re likely to be experiencing an allergic reaction to dust mites.

So, the first thing is to make sure whether your problem is bed bugs or dust mites. Then, take care of the problem. In the case of dust mites, you already know what to do. Follow the tips here, and you’re good to go.

Clean Sheets, Pillow Cases, and Covers Every Week

Changing the bedding regularly is an important step to get rid of dust mites for good. Imagine having pure air and a clean bedroom. Not wanting to scratch your skin or your nose. This is possible with this.

Now, another tip is to test and wash your clothes in a hot cycle. The most important thing is that you do wash your bedding every week. Doing this will get rid of the organic matter that feeds the dust mites and kills the ones that are currently on your sheets, pillowcases, and covers.

So, make sure to clean the rooms, change the bedding, control the humidity, and use the right products that kill them for good. The RestComfort Pillow Protector is another great option that you can test and see which one works best for you. Get yours from Amazon here.

Sunlight Kills Dust Mites

Finally, sunlight kills dust mites. This information is important because sometimes this is the best remedy. Let nature take care of things. Make sure to take your mattress and your couch every month or every fifteen days and let them sunbathe.

What you need to do is to let them for a few minutes to an hour. This will depend on the fabric. Read the instruction given by the manufacturer before just to make sure.

So, make sure to use the power of sunlight to kill the dust mites. Do this, and you’ll improve your results drastically.

Final Thoughts

So, dust mites are harmful to humans, if develop allergies and let the thing get out of control. Ideally, you’ll clean your house and maintain it to make surer that the problem never gets out of control. Remember to change the bedding, control the humidity, and use the right products.

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