Backpack Cover For Airplane Travel: Protect Your Backpack

A lot of things can go wrong when carrying a backpack, especially in an airport. For starters, the backpack straps can tear or get tangled somewhere, which can damage whatever belongings you have inside. That’s why a backpack cover for airplane travel becomes a must-have item for any traveler. You can not only keep everything safe but also protect your backpack when it’s raining, and even against pickpockets. All this protection only requires this simple item.

The value of using a backpack cover for airplane travel is that you protect your belongings more efficiently. The people that work in airports aren’t concerned with what can be broken and what can’t in your bag. This means that they won’t be as careful as you would with your things. The backpack cover provides a safer way to carry the backpack other than the bag’s straps. That’s why it becomes a lot safer.

Now, to choose the right backpack cover for you, you need to be aware not only of the features that a high-quality product should have but also the ones that you’ll need the most. For instance, the main thing that you should worry about is the resistance of the fabric and how much it can protect your actual backpack that it’s under the cover.

So, make sure to read everything below to choose the right backpack cover for your airplane travel. The article was also written for skimmers, so if you want just the basics, you can find out below. Just make sure that the cover fits your backpack and that it offers the necessary protection.

The Fabric Must Be Lightweight

What a lot of travelers don’t consider when choosing a backpack cover is the type of fabric they’re getting. The reason the fabric must be lightweight is that you don’t want extra weight when you’re in a hurry walking in an airport for a few hours. That’s when you’ll realize that any extra weight is too much. Also, you don’t want the bag to weight more than it has to, so you don’t need to pay anything extra as well.

Now, this can get tricky when you consider that sometimes lightweight fabric means poor quality. You don’t want anything that will easily tear apart. That’s why you need high-technology fabrics like the ones that it’s used to make rain covers. They’re usually thin but resistant. That’s exactly what you want for this.

So, make sure that you go for lightweight fabric. This reduces the exhaustion from carrying any extra weight. The fabric just has to also be resistant to protect the actual backpack fabric that it’s under it. The Osprey Airporter Backpack Cover is an excellent model with lightweight fabric. You should definitely check it out on Amazon here.

Pay Attention To The Durability Factor

A lot of people think that due to the lightweight of the fabric the durability will be poor. This couldn’t be farther from the truth since the high-quality fabrics that you can find in the market today are both lightweight and durable. You should pay attention to the durability factor because you don’t want the backpack cover to easily tear apart or to wear out so fast that it doesn’t protect the backpack at all times in all circumstances.

Now, the trick is to find a backpack cover that is both thin and durable. You want something that will resist the pulling when people are putting the bag in the storage compartment. Remember that airport professional that deal with luggage aren’t known for being gentle about the way they carry bags and other luggage. That’s why the only way to make sure your backpack is safe is to get a durable cover.

So, the secret is to look for premium models that have lots of features. Manufacturers won’t put a lot of effort into bringing you various features without making sure the cover is durable. This is an easy way to make sure it is. So make sure that it’s durable. The Sea to Summit Pack Converter is the perfect model when durability is your #1 priority. Get yours on Amazon right here.

Waterproof Is Handy When It Comes To Hiking

The best backpack cover for airplane travel will be waterproof. The reason is that these models are made for travelers, and rain it’s something that travelers have to face all the time. This feature protects your backpack and everything that it’s inside by blocking out the water with an impermeable fabric.

Another thing to keep in mind is that waterproof comes in handy when it comes to hiking. Since a lot of travelers enjoy hiking in the cities they’re visiting, it’s important to have the backpack cover while hiking as well.

So, before choosing one specific model, make sure that the backpack cover is waterproof as well. This is another way to ensure the fabric is of high-quality. This type of feature isn’t present in a poor-quality type of fabric. It has to be a high standard to have it. The Deuter Rain Cover III is an interesting model with a waterproof system. It’s definitely worth checking it out. Grab yours on Amazon here.

The Size Is Measured In Liters

It’s important to know that the size of the cover is measured in liters. Now, you probably won’t have much trouble figuring this out since the backpack also is measured in liters. Still, it’s always good to make sure that the backpack cover fits, at least, a 50 liters backpack. This is the standard size. Anything smaller will be a problem with most backpacks.

Now, it is ideal that you buy the backpack cover after you’ve either bought the backpack or know what backpack you’re going to acquire. Fail to do so will leave you with a backpack cover that doesn’t really protect your backpack, therefore, your belonging. You want something that fits it perfectly.

So, make sure that you know what backpack size you have or are going to have. This makes your traveling that much easier and your things more protected. The Osprey Ultralight Raincover is the perfect choice for the standard size of the backpack. Click to view this great item on Amazon here.

The Cover Should Be Multi-purpose

Another thing that you should be aware of backpack covers is that they can be multi-purpose. This means that they have more than one possible function for you. Besides using it to cover your backpack while traveling on a plane, you can also use it to cover your backpack during a storm, or even protect it from pickpockets.

The backpack cover blocks access to the zippers and the pocket of your backpack. This way you stay safer than you normally would be. It pretty much makes harder for your belonging to get stolen while you walk and doesn’t notice what’s happening. The best covers can do that for you. They have various purposes they can serve you.

 So, take a look at the models that have more than one purpose and allow you to wear them on the backpack in more than one way. The waterproof feature is what allows you to walk while raining and not get your backpack soaking wet. The attachment to the sides is what allows you to have an extra security system. The Mountainsmith Backpack Cover is a great model if you’re looking for multi-purpose covers. It works both as a rain cover and an anti-pickpocket cover. Take a look at it on Amazon here.

Lockable Zippers Make Your Backpack Safer

If you’re carrying really valuable stuff or you just need the extra protection, you can consider the lockable zippers. They’re designed so you can lock them and make it more difficult to access what’s inside.

Now, this type of feature isn’t necessary, but you can always use the extra safety measure. If you’re only using your backpack cover for airplane travel, this isn’t necessary. Still, it can be an interesting feature to have available.

So, consider if you need this feature or even want it. Most backpack covers nowadays come with some sort of lockable zippers anyway, so it won’t be something you’ll need to look for a special model to find.

Easy To Store

Finally, the last tip is to look for backpack covers that are easy to store. This reduces the chance that you lose it, and it also makes your life easier to store it after you’ve used it. You’ll usually find models that either fold themselves into a pouch or they come with a separate on that you can use.

The point is that you should look for models that are like one of these two options. It makes it a lot easier to carry it around with you and not lose the backpack cover.

So, make sure that the model is easy to store. You do that by making sure that it either comes with a pouch or it folds itself into one.

Final Thoughts

So, this is how you choose backpack cover for airplane travel. Make sure that they’re durable, waterproof, lightweight, and multi-purpose. This is the surest way to be certain that your belonging will be safer and more protected while traveling.

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