Bad Odor in House: How to Get Rid of the Smell

Our house is the representation of ourselves. It is like an extension of our personality and our tastes. It is like a mirror of what we really are. The decoration and how well we maintain it says a lot about us even if we do not know it consciously.

So, the worst thing that a homeowner can have is their house smelling bad. Bad odor, unfortunately, is more common than we think and it has nothing to do with our hygiene. Sometimes the bad odor is the cause of something out of our control.

Honestly, the best way to get rid of bad odor in your house is to keep certain maintenances in check. Not just cleaning but also other things that may be the sources. For example, a mold is a possible reason. If you keep your vent system in check, which controls the humidity level, you are not likely to have mold in your house.

So, the first step is to find out what causes the bad odor, then it is to utilize the right methods to get rid of it completely.

Imagine inviting guests and clearly noticing that they are being bothered by a bad smell that you have no control of. It is just embarrassing and honestly terrible.

It is one thing to have to live with bad odor. It is another completely different to have to go through this while having friends over. Things can get quite embarrassing for you if you do not deal with the situation.

Also, the odor may be bad for your health. Especially if you have allergies or any kind of breathing problems, you can get worse or have an allergic episode from it.

So, if you are desperate to get rid of this bad odor in your house, fear not. We are going to give you a specific solution to get rid of the problem for good. All you have to do is follow our step-by-step to finally eliminate this problem.

Now, before we explain better let us show you a few of the common reasons why your house may have a bad odor problem. This is the best way to prevent it in the future. After all, you never want to get this problem again.

Find the culprit

The best way to get rid of the bad odor in your house is to first find the culprit. The source that is creating the bad smell. Of course, that is not always easy but with some investigation, you may be able to find out.

So here are the most common reasons.

Stinky trash

This is an obvious reason for the bad odor in a house. The trash, especially organic, when not removed in time after a while starts to smell really bad. The bacteria that work in the decomposition of the food liberates gases in the atmosphere that does not smell good.

Also, unless you only have paper and glass, your trash is going to smell after a while. So, this stinky trash is going to be a problem eventually.

So, you have to do the obvious. Remove the trash from your house. Clean the bin and make sure to always check for that. This is the easiest way to make sure that your house will not continue to smell bad. I want to suggest using Arm & Hammer Trash Can and Dumpster Deodorizer if you need a quick but effective way to eliminate odor.


Also because of food, the freezer may also be the problem. It is common for us to forget some food in the freezer way too long. After a while, this food also begins to decompose, which the fungus and bacteria make smell bad.

Besides the food, the freezer may also smell bad because of the gas that the freezer has. If this is the case, you should get someone to fix that.

Now, when it comes to the food problem, you can do two things. First, you get rid of the rotten food and clean your freezer to make sure it smells normal again. Second, you put a sock with coffee beans inside the freezer.

Dirty Dishes

Dirty dishes may also be the source of bad odors in your house. Anything that is dirty will be a source of the bad odor. With dirty dishes is no different. Dirty dishes, when accumulated, start to smell because of the food and the water.

The best way for you to get rid of this problem is, obviously, to clean the dishes. Now, to not have that happening again never leave dirty dishes accumulating for too long.

This also invites insect to your house and rats. So, it is enough to say that dirty dishes not only cause bad odor but they are also not good to let accumulating in your kitchen sink.

The toilet

Another obvious culprit is the toilet. Now, the toilet may cause bad odor in your house for a couple of different reasons. First, it may be a problem with the sanitary sewer. When this happens, bad odors fill the bathroom, spreading to the rest of the house.

It can also be problems that come from all the humidity in the toilet. This makes it for a perfect environment for insect, fungus, bacteria and any other thing that causes bad smells.

The best solution here is to fix whatever problem you have with the sanitary sewer and have a venting system for the toilet. I recommend using Poo-Pouri. It is highly rated. I use it and it really does works.


This fungus is a great source of bad smells. It is also one of the main causes of allergy crises. The mold creates a specific bad smell that is unpleasant and unhealthy. It makes it really unpleasant to breathe.

It gets even worse because in this case the bad odor is not necessarily restricted to only one place of the house. You can have mold in any room and nearly every object that you have.

Places with high humidity levels are great for their proliferation, So, the best you can do is control that to reduce the chances of having mold in any place in your home. Using a

Rotten Food

Even though it was mentioned in a way before, rotten food is one of the biggest villains when it comes to bad odors in a house. The process of the decomposition eliminates a lot of substances that contribute to the bad smell.

The best you can do here after removing the food and cleaning the area where it was, is prevention. Always check for food that is starting to not look good and get rid of it before it starts to really decompose.


Remove the culprit

It was mentioned a lot in this article in one way or another that it is very important to remove the source of the bad smell. This is obvious but still worth mentioning.

A lot of times people want the more complicated version of things when it can be quite simple. To get rid of the bad smell you have to get rid of the source.

Of course, if the reason is your 25 cats, then you should at least make sure they are always clean. So, remove the source of the bad smell and clean the area.

Vent System

Another great solution is to have a great venting system that works. This will make not only the not house not smell bad but also make up for a more pleasant environment. The main places that you have venting systems are the kitchen and the toilet. Now, if at all possible, have it in the whole house.

The venting system is also great to control the humidity levels, which also helps prevent mold, It is also good because whatever bad odor there is in the house, the system will ventilate the air and make sure the bad smell does not concentrate in the room.

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are a great option, especially in the short-term. They immediately make the room more pleasant and easier to be in it. This is the perfect solution to when you are having guests and need a quick fix that is efficient.

Air fresheners can help with any smell. It is important to point out though that the air freshener will get rid of the smell but not the source. So, eventually, you will have to deal with that.

Keep the cleaning in check

Lastly, to make sure that you do get rid of bad odor in your house, keep your cleaning in check. This is the best way to make sure that all the culprits above do not get an encouraging environment for them to thrive.

So, always keep your house cleaning in check, making sure that there is no mold, food in decomposition, stinky trash, and other sources of bad smell.

Final Thoughts

This is how you get rid of the bad odor in your house. So, find the source of the bad smell, remove it, clean the area, and take precaution to make sure it does not come back.

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