How to Store Your Sweaters in a Drawer – Tips for Organising Your Drawers

How you choose to store your sweater mainly comes down to personal preference, but there are still a few mysterious judgments calls that plague us all. Take, for instance, the sweaters conundrum. Should you fold or hang sweaters? It’s a question all of us have wondered at least once in our lives, and sometimes, it can be difficult to choose. I’m not saying it’s life and death or anything, but come on: no one likes stretched out pullovers, or wrinkled cardigan. Within this article, we are going to explore the following question: how to store your sweaters in a drawer?

This article will be broken down into the following sections:

  • The importance of storing your sweaters;
  • Are yourself ‘what type of sweaters person are you’?
  • How to roll a sweater in your drawer?
  • Dividing Space.


And when it comes to folding or hanging sweaters. Is there one way that’s better than the other, though? the general consensus is that sweaters are meant to be folded.

Sweaters are the most confusing and complex accessory to store. It is not recommended to lump all your sweaters together into one category because sweaters serve any purposes from warmth to fashion.

Sweaters can be for outer wears or inner wears, dressy, casual wears, turtleneck, embossed. You may find it difficult to find the one you want. Instead, you may just end up wearing the first one you encounter as you search through your drawers.

People evidently have accustomed to the familiar ritual of refolding, and res tackling sweaters and have concluded that the storage method for sweaters is to perplexity.


Most people fall into three groups when it comes to storing sweaters. The first group stuff their sweaters into drawers or sliding wire basket. The second group is the one that never has a sweaters storage a thought, and they hang sweaters in the cabinet. The last group will attentively field their sweaters and then bundle or pile them on the closet or cabinet. If you find yourself in any of this group, pay close attention to this discussion.

Drawers, no matter what how separate or located, furnish the poorest apparently and increase usability to sweaters, if drawers are your storage for sweaters, roll or fold the sweaters rather than hanging them. Place the rolled or folded edge up and align the sweaters in the drawer on a single file from front to back or side to side then each sweater will be visible and handy.

Furthermore, I’ll tell my deep secret is that I hate ironing. And so the last thing on earth I want to iron is a sweater! Do people iron sweaters? well if you see the number of wrinkles collect together on these sweaters stored in our drawer! So looking for a solution I found it, folding sweaters in a roll.

Apparently, so many women make use of this method. This not only allows the husband to see all his sweaters at once but also keep them 99.5% wrinkles free. We’ve been using this system now, so it is tested and working like a charm.

Even if you hang sweaters on a hanger made especially for fabrics, wrinkles pickers, and creases will soon appear, although the wrinkles and such are minor compared with hangers burns.

Hangers are made especially for knits reduce “hanger bum”, but they do not store sweaters as well as rolling.


Here’s how you roll a sweater to get it into your drawer, I used one of my most difficult ones go are a demo because it has a zipper and is a loose knit sweater. So if I can roll this, can roll them all.

Before we begin to zip up any zipper close button on, there is a fix that will make your sweater less bulky and prevent the huge stack from toppling over.

How to Roll a Sweater to Store in a Drawer

  • Lay the sweater frontside down
  • Fold the Arms and a small section of the side
  • Flip-up one-third of the bottom and start rolling at this fold
  • The result is a smoothly rolled and kept it in the drawer.

There is nothing bad with positioning a large pile of sweaters on a shelf in your closet or cabinet, but there are different ways exist to improve this method of storing sweaters and preventing the stacks from toppling over and still keeping the stacks neat.

Dividing Space

Dividing shelf, cabinet or drawer into smaller, more traceable or governable section work well for storage. An organized way of doing this involves using an acrylic shelf divider.

There are styles, shapes, the size of the shelf divider on the market to suit anyone’s taste and budget. some are inexpensive plastic stackable shelves, some are laminated modular shelves unit, some are merely boxes with a Zippered or flip front opening.

Any of these shelves styles can be positioned on the shelf to create the provided compartment and they can also be pile up combined on the floor of the closet, creating a wall unit of storage.

Putting sweater in sweater cases, sweater bags or zipped sweaters case will not stipulate the high level of performance you are striving for. A system of plastic bins placed on the shelf is inadvisable because they function in the same manner as a drawer with the same disadvantage.



As you can see, storing your sweaters is important in order not to crease or damage them. Of course, you may decide to hang your sweaters, and this is a perfectly reasonable option. However, if you do decide to fold your sweaters, you should be sure to store them with care and fold them to minimize creases.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with lots of insight and tips with regards to storing your sweaters in drawers.



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