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How to Clean a Litter Box in an Apartment (3 Steps to a Clean Cat Box)

From kittenhood to cathood—day by day—odor-causing and allergenic waste is a constant reality for cat owners. Apartments, as well as homes, endure a need to clean themselves almost as constantly as your cat licks their paws to protect from the entire apartment or home from smelling of something sickly.

And at its worst, these men and women cat owners don a mask and gloves once per week to attack the sitting waster and return order and cleanliness back to the home and the air.

You do not need to suffer the motivational lack and intense trauma of a backed up cat box; you can achieve a kind of stasis with your feline friend at home by learning how to clean a litter box in an apartment. In this post, we discuss the three phases of cleaning that will make for odour-free and cleanly cat box—morning and night.

Litter Boxes Explored

A particularly filthy and odour-creating cat box will form from many factors including your cat’s habits, diet, and behaviour as well as whether you can keep up with it on a schedule—to name a few. The main source of a dirty cat box, of course, comes from not being able to remove waste at the rate it is deposited.

Cats are themselves very cleanly creatures. Each day they bathe themselves, and they make sure that they present to you a tidy coat and face. A clean creature often means that establishing good habits with your cat can help them to eliminate on a schedule, allowing you to clean up after them dependable and daily.

While this is simply not possible for some cat owners if you lack the ability to set a cleaning pattern with your cat, you may find that they choose not to use the litter box at all over time. In that case, you may find that you need to adjust your apartment to accommodate more than one litter box so that your feline always has a tidy place to take care of themselves.

Other essential knowledge about litter boxes does not just include the habits of your cat, but the technology you use to make your litter box fresh and worry-free every day.

There are, for example, clumping litters that are easy to scoop and leave almost no residue behind—which saves time and money by needing to change litter entirely less regularly. Additionally, if you have a mature cat, some people choose to invest in a self-cleaning box that requires its own but minimal maintenance.

You may have tried many ways of keeping up with your cat and experimented with different schedules to address the odour of a backed up litter box, so in the next few sections, we share some advice on materials as well as three phases that, when followed, can help you have a clean litter box in your apartment every day.

Supplies for Litter Cleaning

You likely already have all the tools you require for an odour-free and worry-free litter box. Here are some items that are essential before getting started if this is your first time getting acclimated to cleaning a litter box regularly.


  • Large Litter Box: The breadth and depth of a litter box are more important than you might think. A large litter box, even in a cramped apartment, will keep litter from falling (or flying!) out of the litter box when it is being used as well as when it is being cleaned. Consider buying a box in the largest possible size or choose one with a hood for retaining scents and flying litter.
  • Slotted Scoop: Similar to a slotted spoon, a slotted scoop allows you to pick up clumped up refuse without removing perfectly good litter from the box. While you will still need to change the litter about once per week, a slotted scoop allows you to leave unused litter behind after your regular cleanings. Otherwise, you may find that you are removing and discarding more litter than you are accustomed to or that you have budgeted for.
  • Clumping Litter: An advanced clumping litter is responsible for holding all kinds of waste since it is attracted to moisture, allowing you to contain and remove waste without needing to work to find and remove it. Many of them feature odour-blocking chemistry as well as fresh scents that will add a layer of protection to your home from unwanted wafting. 
  • Trash Bag or Container: Finally, you will need a place to put the waste you remove. It should probably not be a trash bag or container that you use for other things since it will begin to smell if not removed from your apartment immediately.

How to Clean a Litter Box in an Apartment

Now that you know the habits you need to form and the materials you need in order to clean a litter box, you will see why the following three phases of cleaning will produce an odour-free apartment and clean, happy litter box for your cat. Try them in sequence for the best results.

Fill the Litter Box to Sufficient Depth

Every cat has a preference, but most cat owners find if they do not put enough litter in the bo, to begin with, they have to change the litter more frequently. Additionally, their cat may not find a low level of litter suitable for their needs and look elsewhere for elimination. So, fill your litter box as instructed by the size of your litter box and cat.

Scoop out Waste Daily

You may be attracted to the idea of cleaning your litter box every few days or even less often, but for a cat to remain happy and for you to maintain a fresh space, you will need to attend to your litter box nightly. One or two simple scoops into the trash before taking it out will do.

Replace Clumping Litter Weekly.

After a few days of removing waste from the litter box, your litter will lose its potency to clump as well as its freshness. Make sure to completely replace your litter regularly to keep a happy home and cat.

Final Thoughts

If you have a litter cleaning schedule, you will not find it difficult to follow our three phases for a cleaning a litter box in an apartment. Waste can be removed simply with the use of the right technology of a slotted scoop and clumping litter. Whether you are looking for an odour-free apartment, a happy cat, or both, these are useful steps for you to follow.

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