The Best Way to Remove Moisture From a Room (Natural and Artificial Remedies for Your Home)

Uninvited guests such as moulds thrive in a humid environment and your indoor is not an exception during the summer season. This may be the reason to visit the nearby clinic if sufficient precautions are neglected.

The cost may even be hefty when the presence of allergens and toxins due to humid conditions in your room join forces to serve you a cool bunch of allergic reactions. This has made either too low or too high humid conditions a preference for anyone looking for a healthy lifestyle.

The beauty of the Quadra Island cannot outweigh the need to live a life free of asthma or other conditions that result from high humidity in your room. Here are some of our contenders for the best way to remove moisture from a room.

In quick response to this question, we have found that there are a lot of home remedies that you can use in order to remove moisture from a room. That means you can make sure you look after a room without costing a fortune.

Natural Remedies

Limit the Number of Moisture Absorbers Within Your Room.

The things that occupy space in your room could be the real source of high humidity that compromises the free flow of warm air.

The Two CBest Way to Remove Moisture From a Room

First is The Use of Plants for Decoration

In most cases, indoor plants provide that sought-after look in your room. Meanwhile, during the summer season, they may just be the main source of the threat. Notably, when you constantly water your indoor plant and keep just right in your restroom, the moisture vapour levels will go higher. The resulting outcome is high humidity.

Therefore, finding a place in the balcony is equally a beautiful idea that still keeps your compound gorgeous while limiting the moisture build up in your room. Working with this option may sometimes necessitate that you move the plants a little further from the house when the conditions are adverse.


The Firewood Store

You probably need the warmth from the wood stove during cold weather. Having a sufficient store of firewood is a guarantee that you’ll enjoy the warmth the few coming days without getting new orders.

Well, warm air is one of the acceptable solutions to high humidity. However, the freshly cut firewood could be the immediate source of vapour in your room. So, why create a problem only go around and pretend that you’re solving it? To address this concern, find a store apart from your room where you can keep the freshly cut firewood for your wood stove.


Simply Keep Things Clean

Cleaning a room is always associated with the desire to attain an organized lifestyle. Meanwhile, its role to provide solutions to the undesirable humid conditions within the room are at least hidden from homeowners. This is what happens. Uncleansed descending surfaces are safe havens for pooling water that soon attracts high humidity within your room.

Moreover, the cooling water in the downspouts will worsen the humidity levels in your room. This is why regular cleaning is necessary for keeping the humidity levels in check.

Open the window. Well, this looks obvious but it can be of great importance when the humidity levels build up beyond 45%. It is the most successful step when the conditions outside are more favourable. So, the improved air circulation will level up the situation in your room.


Keep Wet Clothes Outside of Your Room

There is the instance when wet clothes find residents in your room due to the obvious reason including ignorance. Their role in increasing the humidity levels cannot be undermined.  This is why it is important to keep the wet clothes outside as a remedy for high humidity which is detrimental to your health.


Conduct Timely Repairs Within Your Home

Leaking pipes and other evident sources of water damage within the room results in pooling which is a major cause of high humidity within the room. In as much as the damage to water, pipes are not the main part of the DIY, the costs are commensurate to the need.

The effort to control the level of humidity within your room will prove futile if it is not accompanied by repair of the damaged water channels. Therefore, it is an integral part of both preventive approaches as well as solutions to the humid conditions in your room.


Change Your Daily Routines

One thing that’s difficult change is routine because there are you just made significant efforts but finally, you get into the same mess again. For concerns of high humidity, it takes limited efforts to change the way you some few things in your house. First, cover your food when cooking.

You obviously want the family members to jog their taste buds and appetites before you land the meal on the dining table.  Meanwhile, the seasonal change that results in high humidity within your kitchen room may necessitate that sacrifice that temptation access the aroma.

In this case, you’re advised to cover the food using a lead. The reduction in the steam from the kitchen could simply bring relief and a lasting solution to the high humidity in the room.


Secondly, Change the Showering Routine

The news about cold showers does not sit well with most people. Therefore, there’s the common question from the advice to take short cold showers that’ll save your room from high humidity, ‘Is there an alternative?’ Yes, there is but still, you’ll have to keep off the hot showers.

The best-known option is to take short cold showers. When that is not feasible in your case and you’re interested in reducing the level of humidity in your bathroom, then quicker warm showers will do.


The Other Remedy Under this Category Is to Replace The Carpet.

There are chances that trying the above approaches still leaves your room as humid as before. This may be the perfect chance to consider changing your carpet. The carpets are sometimes comfortable storage facilities for the humidity mites especially when the conditions are persistent.


The Last Routine You’ll Need to Change is Washing.

Attempts to maintain dryers, washers and clothing lines within your room is a primary cause of humidity. In this case, change the routine by washing the clothes outside or in the basement to limit the increase of humidity within the room.

Additionally, you’ll need to hang the wet clothes outdoor to keep the high humidity in check during summer seasons when conditions are intensely humid.


Use Rock Salt as an Immediate Solution to the Humid Condition in your Room.

Salt is a natural ingredient that has a high absorptive power. It can draw that excess moisture and bring down the high level of humidity in your room. This is how to use the rock salt.


First Get a Wider Container With an Open Top.

The larger the amount of salt exposed the better the results within your room. Add the rock salt generously to the wide container. Once it is full, put in the room and let it rest for a day or two.

This homemade dehumidifier yield pleasant result that is apparent when you visit the room after two days. It will have to wrestle the moisture and trimmed the humidity to the expected levels.

The result will be obvious as the salt turns black and approaches its saturation levels. Notably, cat litters and charcoal briquettes are known competitors in this regard. Meanwhile, the ease of accessibility and power of salt in absorbing moisture make it more preferable when looking for instant outcomes in your room.

Besides the natural remedies, there are artificial solutions to the humid condition of your room.


Artificial Remedies

The Use of Dehumidifier

Scientific innovations have opened myriads of solutions to high humid conditions within a room regardless of its size. You can purchase a dehumidifier and meet the concerns of high humidity within your room with ease.

These technological devices work differently to control the humid situations and keep the rooms under normal conditions despite the changes in the weather. The three known types of dehumidifiers that can address your concerns include:


  • The mechanical dehumidifier which has the capability to slightly increase the temperature. These devices share common characteristics with the home fridges in terms of their making. Meanwhile, as the air passes through the mechanical dehumidifier, it is condensed and the water drops in the inbuilt tanks. Therefore, they’re capable of delivering the best results under cooler conditions.
  • Second is the desiccant dehumidifiers. These are substances that are integrated into the electronics to control humid conditions in the humid conditions in the room. Their applications are accompanied by low temperatures. The most common substance used is silica gel.
  • The final type of dehumidifier is the Peltier. This is handy when you also intend to keep it silent while reducing the humidity level in your room. You can get the best results from these devices when your aim to solve the condition in a small room. Dehumidifiers are considered to be the most immediate solutions to high humid solutions within your room regardless of the concerns of the energy efficiency.
  • Use Moisture absorbers. In this case, spreading Damprid in your room is a great way to dehumidify it. DriZair is also part of the dehumidifying substance that is widely applied when there’s an urgent need to address the rising levels of humidity within a room. DrinZair has a pleasant absorptive feature especially when you place on a vinyl screen. Notably, both Damprid and DriZair are the most commonly known artificial substances that will yield desirable outcomes within a shorter period.
  • Using fans. Most people have fans in their homes. There are chances you purchased the device for other purposes apart from reducing the humidity levels. Well, fans can play this hidden role when used appropriately within the room. Their ability to increase ventilation is a perfect solution for stale and humid air within your room. Therefore, make use of the ventilation fans to reduce that ugly humidity within your room.
  • Use a space heater. Warming a room during cold seasons is a common practice in many homes. Meanwhile, use of firewood stoves and heating chambers has vastly taken the space of space heaters. As stated, the woods may create the natural warmth that is sought after but it will lack the dryness that’s necessary for curbing the high humidity within your room. Using a space heater is an important aspect of reducing the humidity levels. In this case, the source of heat is not wet thus limits the levels of vapour within the room.

The stated solutions will help you address the humid conditions within your room. However, there are a few things that should remind you that it’s time to pick up the dehumidifier.

How to know that the humidity levels are getting out of hand in your room

Rely on humidity monitor. This is a sure way of knowing the source of the high humidity so as to develop the most appropriate approach.

The aspects of condensation within your room will indicate higher levels of humidity. In this case, the presence of fog on the glass will be an adequate tip-off that it’s time to take relevant measures.

Sometimes it will take the negative outcomes such as constant allergic reactions whenever you get to your room to arrive at the conclusion that humidity level is higher. The presence of allergens that trigger reactions is a clear indication that the humidity levels could be getting out of hand.

Mould spots are also indicative of humidity in your room. While they are common in bathrooms and sink areas, the appearance of dark spots in your room is a clear sign that humidity conditions are a concern. Other factors such as rotting wood, musty odours form part of the indicators that there’s a need to remove moisture from your room.


Final Thoughts

Overall, chances are that you’ve lived with some of the conditions for some time now and you don’t sense any danger with the rising levels of moisture within your room. The need to live within the acceptable moisture level should not be underestimated due to the likely implication it may have on your general wellbeing.

Removing moisture from your room to enable you to live within the recommended humidity level has never been easier. It can take natural and preventive solutions which have nothing to do with your wallet. On the other hand, you can resort to scientifically testable devices to get the work done in a minute. Make sure that you chose the best way to remove moisture from a room, for your homes long-term needs.

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