How to Get Rid of Weed Smell in Your Car: Get Mary Jane Out!

We all have seen film and television show portrayals of the use of marijuana, from Netflix’s TV show Disjointed to the classics TV, show The 70’s Show. Marijuana has a number of names and slang terms used by different generations — weed, herb, pot, grass, bud, Mary Jane, and other currently hip names being generated every day. Marijuana can be smoked in pipes or hand-rolled cigarettes, brewed into tea, baked into goods, and even vaporized to be inhaled as a form of aromatherapy. Nevertheless, marijuana is considered the most common yet most misunderstood psychoactive drug in the world.

Currently, there are only 21 countries around the world that officially legalized the use of medical or recreational marijuana. A study by the Statista Research Department showed that that the highest percentage of users of marijuana according to the age group is between the ages of 18 to 29 years old as of July 2019. It’s no surprise that teens and young adults are the main consumers of this psychoactive drug. Although these statistics are high, only a few states in the US have officially legalized marijuana — states like California, New Jersey, and New York. Federally it is still illegal to use marijuana so states implemented strict guidelines as to who and how one is legally allowed to possess it in the first place. Every year, the support for the nationwide legalization of this drug continues to grow with age groups between 18 to 34-year-olds leading the charge.

Often than not the most common place where these individuals are seen to be consuming cannabis is on inside of their vehicles. Smoking a joint actually has a very distinct and familiar smell once you get used to It. This scent is described to be a piney, slightly skunky grass smell though other variations of the drug may come with different and more exotic smell than the generic ones.

The Smell of Marijuana

The marijuana plant does not have an altered smell from its growing process to when it’s harvested and did. Though the cannabis flowers, when it blooms, have a more powerful scent to it.

When you smoke marijuana on the inside of your vehicle, often you would notice after hours of not smoking the smell somehow stays inside and lingers. This may be the case but most would compare the smell of tobacco against cannabis. Smokers and non-smokers alike have a keen understanding that the smell of tobacco is excruciatingly tormenting. It easily sticks to surfaces and sometimes is stubborn to leave when tried to be masked with the use of Febreze.

The smell of cannabis in the air however can easily be removed while a hot running shower, with its vapor, may shroud the smell altogether.

Masking the Smell of Weed

Before this part of the article give you vital information on how to remove the smell of weed in your vehicles, know that smoking cannabis inside a vehicle is illegal. There are simply three suggestive ways you can follow to mask the smell of weed in your vehicle.

  • Use Masking Fragrances

For a temporary fix, use a masking fragrance to overwhelm the smell of piney, grass skunky smell of cannabis. Febreze is a making agent that is common for anyone to use. Alternative asking fragrances are colognes, incense, and body sprays. Making your own masking agent is as simple as combining essential oils, water, and a spray bottle.

Febreze Air Freshener on Amazon is currently being sold for 6 pieces a pack. It boasts it’s OdorClear Technology that will surely get the masking odors done beautifully, while also leaving a scent that feels clean and light. It is 100% natural propellant which means it is safe to use around cats and dogs. It’s currently an Amazon’s Choice product and has a rating go 4.7/5.0 with 2517 reviews. To purchase this product for your own supply masking the smell of weed, click here to get the latest pricing on Amazon.

If you have more time on your hands and to fully eliminate the smell of cannabis in your vehicle, I suggest for Meguiar’s G16402 Car Are Freshener. It comes in 2 fluid ounce can. Once released in your car it releases smoke that fully removes the smell of any odor permanently and leaves a new car scent. To purchase this product on Amazon, click here now.

  • Buy A Bamboo Odor Absorber

Of all the possible odor absorber you can have, activated charcoal works wonders. Not only can it be a suggested way to eliminate the smell of cannabis, but you can also use it to remove pet odors, cooking odors, and garbage smell. Much like a vacuum, activated charcoal filters ‘suck’ odors from the air that passes through it. The odors are then attached and are trapped on the carbon spores like a filter in a vacuuming machine.

Now, having charcoal and placing it inside your vehicle may be a messy job especially the black marks it leaves on your hands when you touch it. On Amazon, there is a product being sold that has the activated charcoal in a bag and is specifically made to be a natural fire freshener. It’s manufactured by Home Edition and comes in 4 packs per purchase. It has a stylish yet functional bag that provides 4x the freshness and a 200g odor absorber may be able to filter an area up to 50 sq feet. At lead once a month, you have to place a pack of used charcoal air freshener under the sun for 2 hours to rejuvenate the charcoal. It has a 4.5/5.0 rating on Amazon. To purchase this product, click here.

Another odor absorber is baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. Sprinkle a fair amount of baking soda on your car seats and carpets, and wit for about 10-15 minutes before you vacuum it all out. You can even simply put a bowl of baking soda inside your car and leave it overnight.

  • Try a SPLOOF

A sploof is a cylindrical object that filters cannabis smoke through a set of perforated materials. It can easily be made at home by coming materials such as cardboard toilet paper, rubber band, scented dryer sheets or activated charcoal. Check out how to make a sploof here.

Benefits of Marijuana

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved or recognized the marijuana plant as medicine. However, marijuana contains a certain chemical called cannabinoids which when turned into pill form has been received the FDA Seal of Approval.

According to the United States National Institute on Drug Abuse, clinical trials of marijuana showed that the use of marijuana can show symptoms of illnesses  or other conditions, such as:

1. Diseases that Affect the Immune System

        • HIV/AIDS/
        • Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which causes gradual loss of muscle control

2. Inflammation
3. Pain
4. Seizure
5. Substance use disorders
6. Mental disorders.

Click here to find out more information regarding this topic on the official website of the US National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Marijuana vs Cigarettes

The most common comparison any individual would make is the difference between Marijuana and Cigarettes. A lot would argue smoking marijuana is less harmful than smoking cigarettes; well this is not true. Understandably, it has been proven that smoking cigarettes have a severe effect on someone’s life in the long run. While cannabis may look as if it’s safer, there are actually misinformation spreading especially through social media that is the root cause of this problem.

Damages to the Human Body.

The American Addiction Center cited that Psychology Today indicated that smoking the most efficient way to deliver drugs to the brain. The smoking of cigarettes has been part of human culture for centuries and is the most heavily addictive drug that is legal in the world.

Marijuana has been backed up by dozens of clinical trials and research stating that smoking it will help with symptoms of illnesses—primarily pain relief of some sort.

regardless, the American Lung Association stated that no matter the source of smoke, it will always be harmful to the human lungs and may cause severe damages in the future.

Mental Effects of Smoking

Cigarettes contain nicotine, a stimulant that increases dopamine levels in the brain— the chemical responsible for pleasure and rewards. Due to the addicting effect of nicotine, when someone drastically withdraw from smoking cigarettes it may cause the following symptoms:

    1. Irritability
    2. Anxiety
    3. Restlessness
    4. Depressed mood
    5. Sleep disturbances
    6. Increased appetite
    7. Difficulty focusing

The difference with marijuana is that it contains a chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC in lay man’s term. This chemical is similar to substances found in the human body responsible for time perception and coordination, pleasure, memory, and cognition. When taken, the body may experience the loss of sense of time, changes in visual perception, impaired memory, and thought processes, and euphoria— a feeling or state of intense happiness and excitement.

There is more information about this particular topic found on the official website of Sunrise House American Addiction Center, click here to proceed to their website.

Final Thoughts.

Now that you are fully informed of ways to handle cannabis, and what cannabis technically is. Next, is to smoke it legally. In the United States, only a select few states legalized marijuana, some just allowed the use of medical marijuana. Always be informed of the risks you may have to face once you start smoking pot.

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